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The tropical zodiac is the dominant zodiac used around the Western world.

The main discussion between the tropical and sidereal zodiacs centers on which one is closer to the true intention of ancient astrologers. As you probably know, there are constellations in the sky that have names similar to those of the zodiac signs. The sun takes longer than 30 days to travel through the constellation of Virgo—the largest constellation of the zodiac—but only a few weeks to pass through the smallest constellation, Capricornus.

This is the unbalanced nature of constellation astrology. As such, the sun would stay in each sign for roughly a month in a degree tour through 12 signs, rather than the actual constellations. Perhaps the sun would tarry a day or so longer in one sign or another, but no sign had to worry about stealing shine for several weeks longer than others.

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At the development of the zodiac, roughly between B. But, over time, sky watchers in India and Greece each became aware that the position of the sun and other planets drifted away from key star positions. In Greece, this discrepancy was noted by astronomer-mathematician Hipparchus, and came to be known as the precession of the equinoxes. This meant that the spring equinox, for example, went back into a zodiac sign by one degree every 72 years. What resulted were the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn, located, respectively, about 23 degrees north and south of the equator. With this shift, the zodiac became more calendrical than bound to any particular stars or constellations.

Most siderealists use the fixed star Spica, located near the final edges of the Virgo constellation. From there, the basic framework of the 30 degrees of all zodiac signs are assigned. To account for the precession of the equinoxes—based on the geocentric, tropical position of a star—siderealists establish different corrections, or ayaynamshas , to account for the slow drift backward through the zodiac. The two gods were so closely linked in mythology that their lives and activities are difficult to separate.

In many ways their close association is similar to the mythology of Castor and Pollux. The ordered domicile scheme suggests that Apollo is a natural choice for the primary lord of Gemini. Apollo was the only one of the principle gods who was himself a twin, his sister being Artemis Diana , the goddess of the hunt. Apollo was the shepherd god, and he was already a young man when the child who was destined to become his closest friend was born. Hermes wasted no time in beginning the mischief for which he later became famous. His first prank was to steal 50 head of cattle from Apollo. When Apollo discovered the theft, he insisted on taking Hermes to Zeus for judgement.

Against his wishes, Apollo found himself charmed by the cleverness of the child.

sidereal astrology on Tumblr

Thus began an exchange of possessions and duties which reflects Gemini's association with barter, trade, commerce and business dealings. Apollo gifted Hermes with his staff which Hermes then used to look after the herds. Apollo's companions were the muses, who inspired poetry, dance, and the arts.

As the god of prophecy, Apollo spoke from his own knowledge rather than through tricks of divination, a reference to the ability to connect spirit and matter. As the Greek and Roman cultures became intertwined, Hermes' identity became absorbed into that of Mercury, the Roman god of commerce and travel. Mercury, the most fleet-footed of the gods, had winged sandals and a winged hat, indicating his rulership over movement, travel, and speed.

Gemini is usually thought of as representing the more mundane methods of travel, such as automobiles, trucks, and rail lines, but the sign also represents the more exotic modes of movement such as air travel and space flight. All of the first U. These courageous but disciplined men represented the new new frontiers Pluto of movement Gemini.

Both were honored as children. Sidereal Gemini is not so much a sign of mothering as it is a sign of the learning and discovery process. Loving learning itself, Gemini likes to foster growth in children or young people and do what it can to set them up for a successful life. This sign is curious about almost everything, and has the unique ability to relate to children on their own level.

There is often a warmth and a quirky sense of humor with this sign. The eyes of the great scientist, Albert Einstein, who had sidereal Gemini rising, displayed the typical sparkle of this sign. Both Hermes and Apollo were teachers of man and both were shepherd gods, shepherding being one of the oldest caretaking occupations. Hermes had the title, Guardian of the Flocks. As a god associated with the Sun, Apollo was an ancient lord of vegetation.

Certain natives of Gemini will enjoy watching planets grow from seeds just as they will enjoy watching their children grow from early childhood to adulthood.

Sun Is In Sidereal Gemini:

She gained this title because of her skill in helping to deliver Apollo at his birth. Mars here is said to give strength and bravery.

This connection with strength links directly to the third house as the house governing the shoulders, hands and arms. Emphasis on Gemini or its natural house, the third, in the horoscope will often indicate strength or agility in the upper body and arms.

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Like Castor and Pollux, Apollo was known for his physical strength. While still a child he took possession of the oracle of Delphi by killing the guardian serpent. He also killed the cyclops, as well as being renowned for his use of the silver bow. The traditional lord of Gemini, Mercury was also an athletic god who invented the arts of boxing and gymnastics.

Apollo was generally unlucky in love.

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Though he pursued maidens and fathered children, he never married, and Hyacinth wsa taken away from him by the jealous west wind. With all these mythological stories, we would expect Gemini to somehow tie in with homosexuality.

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The suggested exaltation scheme in Planets: Ministers of the Zodiac places Neptune's exaltation in Gemini. Since Gemini's domicile lord, Mercury, and Neptune are generally considered to represent opposing traits, it will seem odd to many astrologers that Neptune may be exalted in Gemini. Traditionally Mercury rules two signs that are in square to each other, so it becomes less of a contradiction that a planet unlike Mercury may be exalted in its sign of secondary rulership.

Neptune often sent storms to sea, but he gave to Castor and Pollux the power to calm the waves.

Sidereal Accuracy, Gemini Compatibility and Cancer Haters!

The twins rode their white horses over the waves aiding sailors in peril. Another suitable link of Gemini to Neptune revolves around Mercury's role as the god of commerce and trade. Anciently much exchange of goods between countries took place via ships that traveled Neptune's seas.

Gemini Sun in Love: Traits, Expectations & Fears

Today we use not only ships, but air flight as well to transport goods from one country to another.